Gaston Lacombe is a Provincetown, MA-based Canadian/American interdisciplinary artist who has exhibited in galleries and museums throughout the world.  He is the owner of Studio Lacombe in Provincetown, MA, offering original art, limited edition prints and personal commissions. He received his degree in Professional Photography from the Boston University Center for the Digital Imaging Arts and began his career as a photojournalist with clients such as National Geographic and the Smithsonian Institute. Over time, his career evolved from assignment work to more conceptual art projects.  Along with photography, his work now incorporates painting and drawing into mixed media artworks. Gaston’s artwork is recognizable by its bold motifs and explosive colors. While his work is often inspired by nature, Gaston says he does not aim for realism, but rather for a reaction and a connection that can be felt at both an intellectual and a guttural level.

Let our Nepenthe Gallery Curators bring an assortment of original works to your home or office so you can see how pieces look on your walls!
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