“Nepenthe” is a Greek term that broadly translates to “….a place of no sorrow.” 

Our family has treasured this word for decades, from the 1960’s when Carrie’s parents visited the wondrous restaurant in Big Sur named “Nepenthe,” to the early 1990’s when “Nepenthe” was our buzz word while wedding planning and prompt for all frustrated parties to immediately retreat and calm down, to the later 1990’s when Carrie’s dad named his boat “Nepenthe” and did not allow whining or crying on deck.  

Today, we are delighted to bring NEPENTHE GALLERY to our beloved and dynamic community.  Our art gallery features works from a wide range of artists–local artists whom we know and love, artists from other parts of the USA and around the world, and artists–living and deceased–whose works are critically acclaimed.  We are honored to hang works from our family’s private collection of 19th century and early 20th century American art and offer gallery talks for those masterpieces.  We offer a rotating selection of iconic, fun and familiar prints and neon images, as well as various sculptures, objects and Nepenthe Gallery merchandise.  We have a frame shop on-sight with a vast variety of custom frames and we specialize in custom mirrors, too.

Every Thursday from 6-7:30 pm we host an ART + WINE + CHEESE event that highlights an artwork, artist or special guest or genre.  

We are proud to continue our family’s tradition, and we present “Nepenthe Gallery” to the Hollin Hall community in Alexandria, VA to serve as a respite from the outside world, and a place to enjoy the creative works inside.  

owners Jim and Carrie from Nepenthe Gallery

Carrie Garland

Carrie Garland

Carrie is an Alexandria native who graduated from William and Mary in 1990 and married her high school sweetheart, Jim the Framer, in 1995.  Carrie worked in sales and marketing for Stonewall Vineyards, The Williamsburg Winery, and Perrier, before leaving the workforce to stay home and raise their four children.  Carrie has been a volunteer at The Campagna Center in Alexandria for almost 30 years, first as a Junior Friend and more recently as Co-Chair of the Supporting Friends.   She has served on numerous school and community committees and boards over the last 20 years and is currently a Trustee on the Muscarelle Museum of Art Foundation Board at William and Mary and also serves as the Co-Chair of the Museum’s Capital Campaign Committee.

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Jim Garland

Jim Garland

Jim has always been an entrepreneur. After graduating from Radford University in 1990 with a BS in Economics, he started his first business, Barnacle Jim’s Boat Service.  With seed money from his girlfriend Carrie he began cleaning and detailing boats in the D.C. area. Changing the company name to Sharp Details in 1994, he transitioned to detailing cars and private jets. Sharp Details set the aviation industry standard as the premier company of its kind and went on to serve the needs of Gulfstream Aerospace, Netjets and many Fortune 100 companies with over 300 employees working in 17 different states.  In 2018 Sharp Details was acquired by a division of The Carlyle Group.   

Jim brings his 30 years of entrepreneurship and business management along with his eye for the details as he oversees the Custom Frame Shop at Nepenthe Gallery. 

Member PPFA-Professional Picture Framers Association,  
CPF-Certified Picture Framer Certification

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Beth Hamed

Beth graduated from the University of Delaware where she received a BA in Art History with a minor in Photography. She has worked for several galleries in the D.C. area, the National Trust for Historic Preservation, and Art Services International.  Beth was a freelance registrar for The Library of Congress and for private clients.  She has experience working in conservation and restoration doing condition reporting for private collections. Beth owned and operated a successful boutique catering company, A Thyme and Place, Inc., for over twenty years.  She has called Alexandria home for more than 35 years.

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Patty Owens

Patty Owens

Patty graduated from William and Mary with a BA in Art History.  She spent more than 40 years as a docent at the National Gallery of Art sharing its treasures with visitors from across the country and around the world. Currently, she is a longtime trustee on the Board of Directors of the Muscarelle Museum of Art in Williamsburg where the Owens Foundation collection of 19th and early 20th century paintings are on long term loan.

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Carolyn Johnson

Carolyn Johnson

Carolyn grew up in Pittsburgh, PA and graduated from Kenyon College in 1985. Her first job upon moving to DC was with columnists Rowland Evans & Robert Novak, where she held the esteemed honor of being their longest running employee.   She went on to work for a retail trade association for six years in marketing and communications. When Carolyn and her husband Al moved to the Fort Hunt area over 25 years ago, she decided to devote herself full time to raising their three children, playing tennis, and running (not necessarily in that order!) Carolyn has always had an appreciation for and an interest in art and is thrilled to be a part of this new venture.

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Anne Fafara

Anne Fafara

Anne graduated from Hollins University and later received her Masters in Education from George Mason University.  She was born and raised in Richmond, VA and enjoys her dual U.S. and French citizenship.  Most recently Anne worked for the MBA program at Georgetown University, though her favorite job by far has been raising her two sons, Thomas and Peter.  Her interest in art began at a young age when her mother used to bring her and her sister to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts on Sunday afternoons.  Anne has become famous in the area for leading the successful effort to “Save River Farm” and she has joined the staff at Nepenthe Gallery in order to promote another local gem.

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Narins Melissa

Melissa Narins

Melissa has lived in the Fort Hunt community for nearly 30 years. After graduating from Ohio Wesleyan University, she began her career on Capitol Hill where she served as a press secretary and held several other communications positions. After her children were born, Melissa pivoted to consulting work. Her interest in art dates back to her childhood in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts where her grandparents worked in the Norman Rockwell Museum. She has fond memories of weekends spent at the museum and passing hors d’oeuvres to Norman and his wife Molly during staff Christmas parties. Melissa is excited to be part of the Nepenthe team and support this local treasure that not only sells beautiful works of art but serves as a centerpiece for community enrichment and education.

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Dubois Alec

Alec Dubois

An Alexandria native, Alec Dubois went to the University of Mississippi where he earned his Bachelors of Business Administration in Marketing. A discerning individual with a keen eye for detail, Alec enjoys discussing art and artists with guests, customers and collectors at both of the Nepenthe locations. When he is not at Nepenthe, he is in Georgetown creating marketing pieces for TTR Sotheby’s International Realty. Alec spends his free time on King Street with his friends, ranking each espresso martini offered in Old Town.