Shima works in the ancient and alchemical medium of encaustic, painting with beeswax and fire. Her impressionistic paintings of sea and sky are inspired by the rhythm and flow of water conveying a deep sense of peace within the natural world.

In her studio, Shima experiments with the mercurial elements of beeswax. Layering bold brush strokes of molten wax and pure pigments she creates a rough-yet-refined texture. Then with the flame of a torch she smooths the wax to a satin finish creating deep luminous spaces that draw the viewer beneath the surface.  Adding the elements—layering, fusing, watching the beeswax and pigment combine become her meditation. When she sees what she feels in her heart she knows her work is done.

Shima and her husband, Jim Kelly live in the lakeside hamlet of Del Dios near San Diego. Timeless joy of lost hours in the studio and the simple pleasure of outdoors balance the business demands and travel of her artist’s career.

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Lantos Falls Shima Shanti
Lanto Falls
Encaustic on Birch Wood 36×36
Shima Shanti
Making a Clearing
Encaustic on Birch Wood 24 x 24