Marsha Staiger is an artist and teacher who lives, works and creates in Alexandria, VA. Marsha is an acrylic painter, who has been working from her studio at The Torpedo Factory for over 21 years. After painting for many years, Marsha says, “I love to paint.  I love color. My process is a meditation and a struggle.”  An art graduate from the University of Louisville, Marsha is a long-standing teacher at The Art League School, having taught there for more than two decades.  Her work has been exhibited at galleries all over the USA. Marsha shares, “As a painter I am aware of the size of me and I like to use marks or formats that relate to my frame. The tools (brush, graphite etc.) that I make “art” with are kind of “snap on” equipment for the main frame—my body—that has the energy and strength and awareness to make cognitive decisions that create by selection and elimination.” 

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