Kim Smith, a Lancaster County native, seems to have been born with the love of art in her soul. She earned her BFA in Communication Design from Kutztown University and has owned TCG Design in East Petersburg, Pennsylvanai for more than 30 years. Even though she is in a creative business, something was always missing. After the last of her three children became more independent, she felt drawn to pursue her love of painting. Now she paints every day, rising before the sun. Committing to this daily practice fits perfectly into her busy life. Over the past several years, Kim has developed a consistent style in her painting. Yet her subject matter is diverse – from florals and landscapes to birds and fruit –with a holiday ornament or sweet treat mixed in to celebrate a special moment in time. 

Kim finds that painting with the buttery richness of oil paint is fluid and magical. She favors clean colors and intentional brushstrokes to keep her paintings bright and inviting. Kim wants her paintings to inspire your eyes to dance across the canvas and leave you feeling calm and happy. Her style is impressionistic with a touch of her graphic design background shining through. Quite simply, she strives to delight and make the world more beautiful, one painting at a time.

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