Jill paints full-time in her art studio in Dallas, TX, with windows overlooking her garden and ‘80s music blaring. 

She spent half her life in law – first as a criminal prosecutor, then civil litigator. 

Art gives her a new passion and mission:  to bring joy to others.  (Pretty much the opposite of her life as a former lawyer)

For Jill, abstract painting is an exercise in letting go of her usual analytical approach to life.  Being self-taught also gives Jill the freedom to paint without conforming to the formal ‘rules’ taught in art school.

Her signature style is Calming + Captivating art … soothing palettes and fluid shapes, with the occasional use of bold color or complex textures. 

Jill is humbled to have been recognized as a New Texas Talent, among other awards. Her work is displayed in galleries and private and corporate collections throughout the U.S. — and even a tv commercial for Dell. 

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