Washington, DC based artist, Erin Remerow Parsons has been drawing, painting, building, and creating from an early age. Erin’s background is in architecture, having graduated from Mississippi State University. While taking time off from architecture to raise her three children, Erin missed having a creative outlet. It was on a rainy day that she decided to pick up the paint brush, and along with her children, created her first oil paintings in many years. 

Erin uses her skills learned in school to express a narrative on canvas and paper. She is often inspired by nature, light, and space, and each of her pieces of art tell a unique story. Erin’s recent interest in India ink was inspired by her dad, a high school art teacher. After learning Erin did not have any India ink in her studio, he gifted her a bottle for Christmas. She thought this was crazy, and the bottle sat on a shelf for several years. After her father’s death, Erin picked up the bottle and started creating. As she dropped the ink and water on the paper, she allowed it to flow and move, forming its own design. Inspired, she began manipulating these forms into landscapes. 

Erin’s oil paintings and India ink drawings can be found hanging in homes and offices in the DC area and across the country.

Let our Nepenthe Gallery Curators bring an assortment of original works to your home or office so you can see how pieces look on your walls!
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