After nearly thirty years as an artist, it is inevitable Christine Mason Miller found her way to working with fabric and stitching. A career that began in 1995 with an illustrated line of greeting cards evolved into original mixed media creations as well as writing.

Early illustrations for the greeting cards were characterized by bright gradient colors and tiny details. Mixed media and collage work compositions were multi-layered, created with vintage ephemera, photography from her travels, and materials that included paint, ink, encaustic wax, coffee, feathers, and salt. Her book Ordinary Sparkling Moments, published in 2008, brought these mixed media creations alongside journal-style essays about finding wisdom in everyday life. Each iteration of her artistic journey emerged from previous expressions; the textile work that is currently coming to life represents a culmination of dozens of explorations and stories.

“The journey of creating this body of work—a process that is still evolving—has been primarily about giving myself the time to explore and experiment. The last five years have been about small bursts of studio activity in the midst of a cross-country move and two book projects, the foundation of which has been an enduring trust that it would all coalesce in its own time. This has been an entirely new approach to my work as an Artist, and has rewarded me with the discovery of ideas, concepts, and techniques I would not have found otherwise.”

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Mist - Christine Mason Miller
Mixed media hand painted fabric, 5×7
Wings revised
Handpainted fabric, embroidery 9 x 12