Catherine Owens is a local artist and designer. While growing up she studied visual art and was taught how to see the world in different hues and she had designated specific emotions to each of them. Her love of nature, whether it be through the human experience or out of human control, can be seen through her art. She now studies Industrial and Interaction Design with a focus on Environmental Sustainability. Catherine’s paintings are a glimpse into how hard she is working to find ways to restore the world and protect the beautiful colorful things she paints. Catherine’s work has won many awards and been in many exhibitions, such as the U.S Capitol for the 8th Congressional Exhibition( 2017), ​​the 8th Discovery Exhibition at the NAEA Gallery(2017), Alexandria City Hall(2019), and has won the Scholastic Gold Key Award(2018), and the Alexandria High School Artist Award (2018).

Let our Nepenthe Gallery Curators bring an assortment of original works to your home or office so you can see how pieces look on your walls!
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